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Moira- fanart by Violetwister Moira- fanart :iconvioletwister:Violetwister 9 8 Yrdenne-Fan Art by Lara-Lei Yrdenne-Fan Art :iconlara-lei:Lara-Lei 5 6 Yrdenne trapped-Fan Art by Lara-Lei Yrdenne trapped-Fan Art :iconlara-lei:Lara-Lei 9 6 Eardreth- fanart by Violetwister Eardreth- fanart :iconvioletwister:Violetwister 6 4 Yrdenne- fanart by Violetwister Yrdenne- fanart :iconvioletwister:Violetwister 13 33 muro 15 by ArcyElwinSanders muro 15 :iconarcyelwinsanders:ArcyElwinSanders 4 2

Newest Deviations

Bitter Farewell
“You know I can´t stay” he stated, but his eyes told her that he wished he could.
“I know. And it breaks my heart. I never imagined I would lose you like this” she replied, and her voice cracked.
Hesitatingly she raised her hand and caressed his cheek. He laid his hand on hers and closed his eyes. No one had ever touched him like she did. The thought of leaving her clenched his heart like an iron fist.
“There would be a way to stay together,” he said, but he did not even know if he liked this idea.
“I don´t see how this should work” she shook her head. A boundless feeling of loneliness spread in her chest. She had been lonely for so long before she found him.
He opened his eyes again and met her gaze. No one had ever looked at her like he did. So loving and caring. He was all she had, and he was about to leave.
But while she fought against the tears, his lips curled into a soft smile.
“It will work. It will work because it
:iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 5 0
Pleased to meet you
She smiled at the man who lay in front of her. The count was sleeping and an innocent and sheepish smile spread over his face. Barely touching him, she stroked a strand of hair out of his face. She wondered what he might be dreaming… About feasting and wine? About his wife? Well, probably not.
Maybe he dreamed about the beautiful blond daughter of his servant, of her young and stout breasts and her weaving hips when she carried the dinner tray. Seeing his ruttish chuckle, she was sure he dreamt of the young maid. With a grunt he turned around, startled she drew her hand back.
But he did not wake up.
Her smile turned into a sinister grin. Slowly and soundless she drew the curved dagger out of the sheath on her hip. The moonlight reflected on the blade.
His death was quick and dirty. With a gurgling sound his blood soaked into the white sheets and turned them crimson red. He could not scream, but he teared his eyes wide open. In the last moments of his life he looked at her, his fa
:iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 4 14
A splendid day
When he woke up, he tried to stretch his limbs as good as he could. The warmth of the sun tickled his thick skin, and he felt how the energy started to spread through his body. He sensed that he was the first one to be awake, the neighbours and his children were still slumbering. It was a warm summer morning, the birds had already started their competition about the most beautiful song, and the air was filled with their enchanting melodies. Two robins casing each other through the air made him chuckle. Those two always caused mischief, but were helpful whenever he needed a beak to scratch his back. And now, as always in spring, they were madly in love and wanted the whole world to know!
The thought of love stung his heart. It was seven years ago when his beloved wife fell. He had known her from the day she was born; they had spent their whole life together, first as friends, and later as lovers. He remembered the day they came to take her away as if it was yesterday.
A rustle in his le
:iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 6 26
Iorveth and Yrdenne, Chapter 41: Archeress
A harsh wind blew over the roofs of Novigrad. Yrdenne was glad she wore her hunter jacket and not the cloak. When her eyes got used to the darkness, she spotted other archers on this roof and on the roofs of the neighbouring houses. Disappointed she realized that they were all human, somehow she had expected Scoia´tael. But how should a unit Scoia´tael get into town? It was even a surprise that Wolf had made it. The elf stood behind the pediment façade that faced the main street and raised his arm, and Yrdenne noticed people getting in position on the roofs on the other side of the street as well. Malik came and grabbed her arm.
“Wolf is the first to shoot. After that, hell will break loose down there, and I am sure they will try to come up as soon as they know where the arrows are coming from. The doors are barricaded, but that will not stop them for long. Over there is a free spot, you should have a good view to aim” he whispered excitedly.
“All right
:iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 1 4
Spring Rain and Cherry Blossoms [Gift]
Wind rustles through trees
Cherry blossoms bloom
and the petals
are carried away
like slightly pinkish snowflakes
We talk a lot
and don´t talk at all
you take my hand
we stroll trough the green
the flowers welcome spring
When it starts to rain
heavy droplets fall down
soak into our clothes
But I don´t care
since it´s you by my side
:iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 4 8
Iorveth and Yrdenne, Chapter 40: So it begins
On her way out of the prison, raging ire blended into despair and pain. The ring on her finger felt like a manacle, and all she wanted was to get rid of it. She knew where she had to go next. She ignored that a group of guards came running down the hill from the Temple, and she ignored the three men who followed them with torches in their hands. The high tower of the Temple loomed into the night sky and it looked even more threatening than before.
At the entrance of the monastery one of the neophytes held the door open for her, but she just rushed through, without even taking the time to thank him. The stairway wasn´t lit, but she knew the way to Dalayer cell too well.
 She did not bother to knock at the door and to her surprise the room was empty. She looked around, a flickering oil lamp stood on the desktop, so Dalayer wasn´t far. She decided to just leave the ring on his desk. He would understand this message…
But when she stopped in front of the desk, something
:iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 2 2
Woman and Owl by Yrdenne Woman and Owl :iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 8 39
On the other side of the glass
Aghast she stared into the broken mirror. Countless of her fractured selves stared back, but the lips in the mirror curled into a smile.
:iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 15 6
Defeating the Fire Squad by Yrdenne Defeating the Fire Squad :iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 3 44
Iorveth and Yrdenne, Chapter 39: True Nightmare
Reckless Thule hurried through the streets, dragging Yrdenne with her. The young healer tried to fight her panic down; she did not know where Thule took her or what had happened. Just the thought Dalayer needed help, medical help, chocked her.
But to her surprise, Thule did not take her to the Temple.
She led Yrdenne to a huge dismal grey stone building. Two guards with halberds secured the entrance, a huge iron bound portal. They stepped aside when they recognized Thule and let the two women pass. Without any explanation Thule dragged Yrdenne with her, up the stairway, down a hallway on the second level. She just stopped when they reached some sort of watch room. Yrdenne realized that this was not a hospital.
The room was empty except of a large wooden table with six chairs, keyrings hung at hooks at the wall. The smell of cold smoke lingered in the air, but the fireside was empty, just traces of ash on the ground. Someone had dropped their cloak on a chair. Two thick oaken doors led
:iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 2 7
Iorveth and Yrdenne, Chapter 38: Vanguard
On Yrdennes way back to the inner city, it started to snow again. But it was wet and plashy snow that melted as it touched the ground, turning the street into a swamp. The wooden bridge from the non-human district to the town gate became slippery.
When Yrdenne wanted to pass the gate, one of the guards stopped her with his halberd. 
“Who are you and what do you want in town?” he growled unfriendly.
Yrdenne looked at him bewildered. She had not been controlled or denied entry ever, and she even knew the guard personally.
“Hello Tobias, it´s me: Yrdenne, the healer. I visited patients” she stated and raised an eyebrow. The guard exchanged glances with his comrade and sighed.
“Show us your ears. Elves and half-elves are not allowed to enter the inner city” he explained, and Yrdenne saw that he was uncomfortable about asking her.
“Are you kidding me? You know I am human, and you know about my close relations to the Order of the Flaming Ro
:iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 4 4
Iorveth and Yrdenne, Chapter 37: Calm before Storm
The three friends sat together in the light of the flickering lamp for hours, exchanging news, pondering over the upcoming events, and also chatting about the good old days. Yrdenne enjoyed the company of Aryell and Malik, because finally she felt like she belonged. She slowly relaxed and calmed down and at some point she just fell asleep, leaning against Maliks shoulder.
When Malik noticed she did not reply to him anymore, he poked Aryells side and pointed at the young woman. Her face was so peaceful that they did not want to wake her up. Carefully, Malik carried her to her bed and tucked her into her blanket. Aryell stood in the doorframe and watched his friend with a fond smile.
“She has been through a lot lately, don´t she?” asked Aryell with a hushed voice.
“I guess it´s this elf´s fault” Malik sighted and brushed a strand of hair out of Yrdennes face, “She should have told you before, would have made things easier. Moira would have ta
:iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 2 10
Iorveth and Yrdenne, Chapter 36: Accomplices
Wolf tried to read her face. This young woman with the fierce eyes, who had been so obsessed with Scoia´tael as a child. He remembered how she had come into Iorveth´s forest just to show him her archery skills. And he remembered how Galthandir had boasted about his attack against the Temerian stud, how the humans had begged for their lives. Wolf would never forget Iorveth´s hateful grimace. And now she was here, still fighting for the non-humans, in her very own way.
“Just because our mutual friend trusts you, it does not mean that I do, too” the elf stated clearly.
“Fine, I never asked for your trust. But I want to save my friends from being burnt or slayed on the streets” Yrdenne replied strong-willed. She did not even notice how she angrily clawed her hands into the wood of the table.
“Yrdenne, don´t let him annoy you” Ingfryd laid her hand gently on Yrdenne´s and glared at Wolf. “We do trust you. And I am thankful t
:iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 3 9
Yrdennes Pendant and Engagement Ring by Yrdenne Yrdennes Pendant and Engagement Ring :iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 7 9
Iorveth and Yrdenne, Chapter 35: Rising Resistance
Yrdenne wrapped her arms around herself and trumped through the snow. The way back to Novigrad was long and lonely, and she fought against the tears. Why did he always hurt her? The forest was silent and peaceful; the snow sparkled in the light of the rising sun. Yrdenne wondered how she had managed to get stuck with Iorveth in a snowstorm again, just to see the sun shining innocently the very next day.
Approaching to Novigrad, she saw smoke rising from the chimneys, and some children played on the fields in front of the town wall. Covered in snow, the city didn´t look so adverse anymore. The children stopped and looked at Yrdenne when she passed by, and when she took off her hood, they started waving. Yrdenne recognized two little dwarves, an elven boy and a human girl, with a wide smile she waved back. The guards at the gate greeted her with a reserved nod.
Something about Novigrad had changed overnight, even though the houses were as shabby as before, Yrdenne felt more at home.
:iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 4 10
Iorveth and Yrdenne, Chapter 34: Moth and Flame
The pheasant smelled mouth-watering. The skin was crispy and the meat juicy, the sour apples and sweet carrots were a perfect match, and even the bread soaked in sauce was truly delicious. The elf and the young woman sat on the floor in front of the warm oven and ate in silence; the atmosphere was gloomy after the foregone conversation. But every once in a while she glanced at him, and secretly enjoyed his pleasure in the food. Even though he had not mentioned it, she was sure he had not had a decent meal in weeks.
After they finished, Yrdenne stood up to put the plates aside, and her view fell on Iorveths weapons that lay on the table, next to her bow and her bag. He had not been taken to the Drakenborg without reason, after all. She deposited the dishes next to the weapons, and with a clenched heart she ran her fingers over the sheath of his sabre. How many people might have lost their lives through this blade?
Out of a sudden, she sensed Iorveth standing behind her. Gently, he laid
:iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 3 2

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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Welcome to the world of Iorveth and Yrdenne.

You might know Iorveth, the proud Aen Seidhe and the ruthless leader of the Scoia´tael, the bloodthirsty monster, the regular son of a whore.
Maybe you followed his path in Witcher2: Assassines of Kings, or maybe you fought him.
But what if there is more than his war against dh'oine?

This is my personal counteractoin against his exclusion from Witcher3: The Wild Hunt.
(Shame on you, CD Project Red, shame on you!!!)
In Witcher3 many of us missed Iorveth, deeply. Even more, when we heard about the cut content...

This profile is dedicated to my personal headcanon, my extention to the Witcher Universe. Dive into the story of Iorveth and his little sister Yrdenne.

Find short stories and poems here:…

Several of the characters in my story, the setting as well as the locations are from The Witcher game series by CD Project Red and The Witcher book series by Andrzej Sapkowski!

What is beauty compared to grief?
What is joy in league with sorrow?
A dead rushes' fleet drifting on a quiet tide


They seriously sell Lilac-Gooseberry perfume on amazon. I can´t decide if this is ridiculous or amazing.
Recently I comissioned Soukyan to draw me Iorveth... I mentioned it in my latest journal, but in case you did not read it yet... LOOK AT THIS!
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