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Random from Defeating the Fire

Commission - Yrdenne and Iorveth by Allegro97 Commission - Yrdenne and Iorveth :iconallegro97:Allegro97 20 5 Yrdenne- OC drawing by Violetwister Yrdenne- OC drawing :iconvioletwister:Violetwister 9 7 Seregthiel aep Dol Blathanna by ScribbledAway Seregthiel aep Dol Blathanna :iconscribbledaway:ScribbledAway 19 44 Yrdenne *updated by ScribbledAway Yrdenne *updated :iconscribbledaway:ScribbledAway 17 27 Yrdenne by ScribbledAway Yrdenne :iconscribbledaway:ScribbledAway 4 14 Doodlink 028 by 42Ly Doodlink 028 :icon42ly:42Ly 9 13 Yrdenne -request by Allegro97 Yrdenne -request :iconallegro97:Allegro97 23 8 art 008 by ArcyElwinSanders art 008 :iconarcyelwinsanders:ArcyElwinSanders 4 4 fail sketch 027 part1 by ArcyElwinSanders fail sketch 027 part1 :iconarcyelwinsanders:ArcyElwinSanders 3 0 fail sketch 027 part2 by ArcyElwinSanders fail sketch 027 part2 :iconarcyelwinsanders:ArcyElwinSanders 6 5 Thule v1 by SeaDragon666 Thule v1 :iconseadragon666:SeaDragon666 7 1 muro 21 by ArcyElwinSanders muro 21 :iconarcyelwinsanders:ArcyElwinSanders 5 1 Seregthiel v1 by SeaDragon666 Seregthiel v1 :iconseadragon666:SeaDragon666 5 6 Aryell- OC fanart by Violetwister Aryell- OC fanart :iconvioletwister:Violetwister 5 7 Doodlink 019 by 42Ly Doodlink 019 :icon42ly:42Ly 11 20 Running To The Sea by Klaufir Running To The Sea :iconklaufir:Klaufir 494 19

Newest Deviations

Castles of the Northern Realms 03 by Yrdenne Castles of the Northern Realms 03 :iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 8 13
[Art trade] Cirilla and Eredin - After the battle
This is a short story I wrote for Dear Elisabethianna Huggle!  She asked me for a Scene between Ciri and Eredin - and seriously, how could I resist? Ciri and Eredin are one of my faourite pairings in the Witcher Universe! And, I have to admit, this got even worse while I wrote this Sweating a little... The story takes place after the Battle of Kaer Morhen. As you see, I did not stick completely to the game and fixed one little thingie... Please enjoy!
The night sky was cloudless and covered in stars. Avallac'h lay on a bed, breathing heavily in his sleep, exhausted by the battle. All the others were downstairs, celebrating the momentary victory and mourning the death of a beloved friend. Everyone, except of Ciri.
Ciri stood at the window, staring at the court of Kaer Morhen. It was still covered in snow, but the thick white blanket could not hide the signs of the battle. She saw the shattered gate, the debris
:iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 4 6
Iorveth and Yrdenne, Capter 31: On the hunt
The two individuals lay in the snow, surrounded by the silence of the winter forest, looking at each other, caught in the moment. Yrdenne met Iorveths gaze. His green eye reminded her of home, of better days, and his expression was not angry anymore. Slowly, she calmed down.
The elf looked at her a little worried, excusing maybe.
“Iorveth… the snow is cold” she said with a low voice when she felt the wetness of thawed snow on her scalp.
“Squass´me”, he mumbled. Hearing his excuse in elder speech surprised Yrdenne, he only used those words when he truly meant it. In his eye she saw that he was not only sorry for causing their fall.
The elf got up and offered Yrdenne a hand to help her up. Without hesitation she reached for his hand. Back on their feet, both of them brushed the snow off their clothing, and without questioning Iorveth cleaned Yrdennes bow with his cloak.
Both glanced at the other one bashful, somehow shy, not knowing what to say. Yrdenne
:iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 3 0
Iorveth scribble by Yrdenne Iorveth scribble :iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 6 24
Iorveth and Yrdenne, Chapter 30: Arguments
“So you tell me I am a liar” Yrdenne stated grimly.
She brushed Dalayers arms away and looked at him offensively. She could not believe what he just said. Hot tears were streaming down her face, tears of anger.
“I just say you might have misunderstood them” Dalayer replied, pacifying.
“Like in Barienmurg, when Adalbert harassed me”, Yrdenne nodded, as she finally understood, “Whenever something happens that does not fit your view of the world, it´s all a misunderstanding.”
“Yrdenne, please calm down. I am sure we can figure this out”, Dalayer laid his hand on her shoulder. Yrdenne shook it off.
“Don´t touch me” she hissed, “If you don´t want to believe me, than I am very sorry. I will not stay here in the same building with ruthless, cruel murderers!”
Furiously she turned around, grabbed her bag within the movement and rushed out of the door. Without turning around, she hurried down the h
:iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 2 7
Castles of the Northern Realms 02 by Yrdenne Castles of the Northern Realms 02 :iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 3 0 Castles of the Northern Realms 01 by Yrdenne Castles of the Northern Realms 01 :iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 13 5 Exploring Novigrad 03 by Yrdenne Exploring Novigrad 03 :iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 8 21
Iorveth and Yrdenne, Chapter 29: Blessed Yule
On Yule, an hour after sunset, a hooded individuum left Novigrad through the Northern gate. The guards sat at the fireside in the guard room, they did not care about the figure that snuck through the shadows to leave the town. Truly, they would have cared if they had known who was hidden underneath the dark blue cloak.
Wolf crossed the bridge slowly, from time to time he glanced over his shoulder to make sure no one followed him. Behind the bridge he turned left and followed the path into a small but dark forest. He passed a farm, and went deeper into the woods. The note he held in his hands, handed to him by a dwarf the day before, said something about an old oak, shattered during a thunderstorm. Without his elven eyes, he would have lost the way.
He found the tree on a clearing; even in the dim starlight he recognized the black, burned bark. The oak was split in half, and one part had crashed down on the ground. On one of the burnt branches sat a stranger.
“Faoiltiarna, long ti
:iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 2 10
Dusty old books by Yrdenne Dusty old books :iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 4 4 Exploring Novigrad 02 by Yrdenne Exploring Novigrad 02 :iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 4 6 Exploring Novigrad 01 by Yrdenne Exploring Novigrad 01 :iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 3 12
Is so utterly exhausting
The more you try to stop
The more tears run over your cheeks
Droplets become rivers
You try to keep breathing
You try to stay calm
But the pain is choking
The weight on your chest
Takes your breath away
But he is there
He holds you
With strong arms
While your tears soak into his clothing
And a hand strokes your hair
Your body - shivering
Your shoulders - shaking
Your fingers - trembling
While they claw at his collar
You search for hold
Your knees feel so weak...
But he is there
He holds you
Like he always did
When you were younger
Like he always would
If you just let him
His hand strokes your hair
:iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 4 18
Iorveth and Yrdenne, Chapter 28: Confessions
If someone had peeked through the window of the shabby tavern in the district of non-humans, he would have seen a dwarf, a half-elf and a human surrounded by shattered furniture, looking around to examine the damage. Despite the chaos around them, the atmosphere seemed to be friendly. But the scenery turned, when the dwarf handed something to the human woman.
Yrdenne stared at the note, not sure if she was happy or mad. Meeting Iorveth in the woods would mean having plenty of time to talk, without the fear of being caught. But she could not believe that he had been so headless to risk his life and the lives of others just to talk to her. The second one who was not amused about note delivering Scoia´tael was Ingfryd.
“You are in touch with the Scoia´tael?” she asked with a low voice, as if just the pronunciation of the word would cause trouble. The half elf frowned and crossed her arms in front of her chest, demanding an explanation. Bastian also looked at Yrdenne
:iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 2 0
Spring in Toussaint by Yrdenne Spring in Toussaint :iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 3 23
Iorveth and Yrdenne, Chapter 27: Distrust+ Secrets
It was still dark outside, when a loud knock at the front door woke Yrdenne. In winter she left her bedroom door open, so the warmth of the oven could spread everywhere. Now also the noise could spread through her apartment... Drowsy and half-awake Yrdenne crawled out of the bed and stumbled to the front door. Judged by the knocking, she expected to see a panicking relative, calling her to a very sick patient. But when she opened the door, she looked into Aryells face. He carried not only his bag, but also a knapsack. Yrdenne assumed that he was about to leave the town.
“What are you doing here? What time is it?” Yrdenne asked annoyed and tired, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes.
“You invited me for breakfast” Aryell reminded her with a smile, “It´s a little early, I know. But I have to leave Novigrad soon. Can I come in? It´s cold.”
Indeed, it was cold. Yrdenne shivered, she just wore her nightgown. “Sure, come in” she mumbled,
:iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 3 2

Random Favourites

#209 Kaer Morhen by Nhaundar #209 Kaer Morhen :iconnhaundar:Nhaundar 6 0 Our First Base On Mars by skarzynscy Our First Base On Mars :iconskarzynscy:skarzynscy 53 7
2. Purpose
The one thing nothing is without
without which one is naught
What drives the wheels to go about
Perpetuates all things.
The single word, devoid of which
There's naught that can be done
The single word in search of which
Everyone is, always.
That single word is purpose, friend
We all have one, but still
That is not where the story ends
'cause knowing's half the game.
Fulfillment does not with it come
Just finding it won't do
Fulfilling it is cumbersome
It takes effort and time
So is purpose an artifact?
To, in some cave, be sought?
Nay, it is all but life in fact
A life that's spent in search
:icondanny-mechanist:danny-mechanist 8 5
FHADN XAAR - Silver, Red Quartz and Garnets by LUNARIEEN FHADN XAAR - Silver, Red Quartz and Garnets :iconlunarieen:LUNARIEEN 297 11 Doodlink 030 by 42Ly Doodlink 030 :icon42ly:42Ly 10 25 COMM MARKERS WAIST-UP ~ Beautiful Flowers by Calicot-ZC COMM MARKERS WAIST-UP ~ Beautiful Flowers :iconcalicot-zc:Calicot-ZC 80 3 Colors of the wind by PirateRu-Ru
Mature content
Colors of the wind :iconpirateru-ru:PirateRu-Ru 111 17
Biting Pear Solo by AtropaGrimm Biting Pear Solo :iconatropagrimm:AtropaGrimm 30 2 Dragonfly.... by DigitalSashimi Dragonfly.... :icondigitalsashimi:DigitalSashimi 1,391 45 Swadloon by Sapphiredrop Swadloon :iconsapphiredrop:Sapphiredrop 105 7 Merm7 by JPayne2017 Merm7 :iconjpayne2017:JPayne2017 103 21 In the middle of the flowers by TheFunnySpider In the middle of the flowers :iconthefunnyspider:TheFunnySpider 44 11 Iarlaith O Ciardha by naomicoco Iarlaith O Ciardha :iconnaomicoco:naomicoco 142 5
1. Glass
You're so close yet I can't touch
I see you there with bag in hand
I know I will miss you so much
But now this wall, between us, stands
You walk away, I shed a tear
As true has come, my one worst fear
Yet there's the plane
And here I am
And there's this pain
And here I am
Through this glass pane
Yes here I am
Just watching you turn and leave.
:icondanny-mechanist:danny-mechanist 15 12
Godling by Elisabethianna Godling :iconelisabethianna:Elisabethianna 11 0



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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Welcome to the world of Iorveth and Yrdenne.

You might know Iorveth, the proud Aen Seidhe and the ruthless leader of the Scoia´tael, the bloodthirsty monster, the regular son of a whore.
Maybe you followed his path in Witcher2: Assassines of Kings, or maybe you fought him.
But what if there is more than his war against dh'oine?

This is my personal counteractoin against his exclusion from Witcher3: The Wild Hunt.
(Shame on you, CD Project Red, shame on you!!!)
In Witcher3 many of us missed Iorveth, deeply. Even more, when we heard about the cut content...

This profile is dedicated to my personal headcanon, my extention to the Witcher Universe. Dive into the story of Iorveth and his little sister Yrdenne.

Find short stories and poems here:…

Several of the characters in my story, the setting as well as the locations are from The Witcher game series by CD Project Red and The Witcher book series by Andrzej Sapkowski!

What is beauty compared to grief?
What is joy in league with sorrow?
A dead rushes' fleet drifting on a quiet tide


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Please have a look at this awesome music video! It was shot at a rock formation very close to my hometown, which is said to be an old sacred pagan site. Years ago, we used to celebrate Belante there:
Dear international friends, learn something about Germany and tell me what is your favourite:
Just spend the entire day writing a short story for an art trade :D Can´t wait to show you the result!



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