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Random from Defeating the Fire

Yrdenne -request by Allegro97 Yrdenne -request :iconallegro97:Allegro97 27 8 art 008 by ArcyElwinSanders art 008 :iconarcyelwinsanders:ArcyElwinSanders 4 5 fail sketch 027 part1 by ArcyElwinSanders fail sketch 027 part1 :iconarcyelwinsanders:ArcyElwinSanders 3 0 fail sketch 027 part2 by ArcyElwinSanders fail sketch 027 part2 :iconarcyelwinsanders:ArcyElwinSanders 6 5 Thule v1 by SeaDragon666 Thule v1 :iconseadragon666:SeaDragon666 7 2 muro 21 by ArcyElwinSanders muro 21 :iconarcyelwinsanders:ArcyElwinSanders 5 1 Seregthiel v1 by SeaDragon666 Seregthiel v1 :iconseadragon666:SeaDragon666 5 6 Aryell- OC fanart by Violetwister Aryell- OC fanart :iconvioletwister:Violetwister 4 7 Doodlink 019 by 42Ly Doodlink 019 :icon42ly:42Ly 12 20 Running To The Sea by Klaufir Running To The Sea :iconklaufir:Klaufir 497 19 Moira- fanart by Violetwister Moira- fanart :iconvioletwister:Violetwister 9 8 Yrdenne-Fan Art by Lara-Lei Yrdenne-Fan Art :iconlara-lei:Lara-Lei 5 6 Yrdenne trapped-Fan Art by Lara-Lei Yrdenne trapped-Fan Art :iconlara-lei:Lara-Lei 10 6 Eardreth- fanart by Violetwister Eardreth- fanart :iconvioletwister:Violetwister 6 4 Yrdenne- fanart by Violetwister Yrdenne- fanart :iconvioletwister:Violetwister 13 33 muro 15 by ArcyElwinSanders muro 15 :iconarcyelwinsanders:ArcyElwinSanders 4 2

Newest Deviations

Daily elfie 09: On the hunt by Yrdenne Daily elfie 09: On the hunt :iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 5 7 Daily elfie 08: Brace yourself! by Yrdenne Daily elfie 08: Brace yourself! :iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 5 8
Iorveth and Yrdenne, Chapter 49: Darkness and Hurt
They were surrounded by a choking darkness, so black they could not even see the walls of the tunnel. A jar of greenish glowing stones was their only source of light, but it was fading.
“We should have asked Hamfast to pick us up”, Aryell mumbled while he rummaged in his bag to find another set of these glowing stones.
Yrdenne kept silent. She knew it was her fault they got lost down here. Torn apart by the thoughts of Iorveth she hadn´t paid attention to their path, and it had been her bruised knee that slowed them down.
“Anyway, maybe we just should stay here for a while and take a break. I have some of the stones left, but I would like to split them in half. We would have less light, but for a longer time”, the alchemist continued. “They will come to find us. Hamfast knows where to search.”
He tried to sound encouraging, but he most likely tried to cheer up himself.
They did not know how many hours they had wandered through the tunnels, tryin
:iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 2 0
Daily elfie 07: Relax.... by Yrdenne Daily elfie 07: Relax.... :iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 8 10 Daily elfie 06: Iorveth and the sea by Yrdenne Daily elfie 06: Iorveth and the sea :iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 7 7
Iorveth and Yrdenne, Chapter 48: It all goes down
His hood drawn deep into his face, covering both his ears and his eyes, Wolf made his way through the crowd. He was not nervous, since this wasn´t his first battle, and for sure not his last, but some things made him uneasy. Eardreth had brought less than two dozen of archers, even taken together with the three assassins that were not many. A brief look at rooftops of the surrounding buildings told him that Radovid and the Order were well prepared; he counted at least twenty-seven arbalests. And those were only the soldiers he saw, for sure there were witch hunters among the people, to step in in case of an uprising. The previous night, the elf had discussed every detail with the Scoia´tael, but he doubted that they could disable all of Radovids men on the roofs. And even if, the assassins still had to make it into the town hall…
At least he could count on the Mahakam dwarves, which waited for the signal to attack in the tunnels below. Secretly Wolf had to admit that th
:iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 2 2
Daily elfie 05: Jam storage by Yrdenne Daily elfie 05: Jam storage :iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 7 6 Daily elfie 04: Making friends01 by Yrdenne Daily elfie 04: Making friends01 :iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 4 4 Daily elfie 03: Travel plans by Yrdenne Daily elfie 03: Travel plans :iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 8 4 Daily elfie 02: Gone fishing by Yrdenne Daily elfie 02: Gone fishing :iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 8 6
Iorveth and Yrdenne, Chapter 47: Fire and Smoke
Yrdennes heart beat so loud, she was sure everyone would hear it. The darkness around her was choking, and the greenish glow of their lanterns did not help a lot. The weight of her daggers seemed to be heavier, as well as her knapsack. It was a relief that she just had so follow Hamfast and Aryell through the dark tunnels, and did not need to remember the way. On her own she would have gone lost within a minute.
Her hand clawed to the handle of the lantern, and she tried to fight the trembling.
The lantern was only a jar filled with strange stones Hamfast had brought; Aryell had gotten really excited about that. It had turned out, that if a certain liquid was poured over the stones they would eradiate a strange greenish light for several hours. Not as light as fire, but it would serve the cause.
“Soon we will reach the basement I told you about” Hamfast whispered out of a sudden. They had walked the whole way in silence, and his voice brought Yrdenne back to reality. They w
:iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 3 2
Iorveth and Yrdenne, Chapter 46: Secret Meetings
The outcome of the meeting concerned Malik. Already last night he had met with someone to discuss the upcoming events, a new intelligencer. He liked to be one step ahead, and already before everything went down like this he had searched for people who had no relations to Dijkstra and Wolf, or Thaler.
The thought of Dijkstra made him shake his head. This bastard had fooled them quite a while… De Gobaithio had assumed that Sigi Reuven was not who he claimed to be, but that he indeed was Sigismund Dijkstra was a huge surprise; in the truest sense of the meaning. Thaler had accidentally yelled at him, calling him Dijkstra, and not all of the attendees of the meeting had been as surprised as Aryell and he. Suddenly it became even more important to know more than they did. Malik was mad that because of the uprising and the locked down non-human district he could not talk to Asgers dwarves; he had to trust Wolf for this one. But that did not mean he could set up some things himself
:iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 2 4
The last dh'oine that messed with him /daily elfie by Yrdenne The last dh'oine that messed with him /daily elfie :iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 11 29
Iorveth and Yrdenne, Chapter 45: Desicions
“And this gnome has the plans of the crypts underneath the Temple you say?” Wolf asked sceptically. As he had promised, he had found Yrdenne after his meeting to take her back into the inner city.
“He has no plans, but he was there. He knows how they keep their fire burning. If we manage to get inside we can simply… blow them up.” Yrdenne explained excitedly. The gas in place underneath the Temple of the Eternal Fire was a great opportunity for the resistance. When Wolf had arrived in the barn, she had dragged him outside to tell him about Hamfast’s idea.
“It is too risky. We can´t attack the Temple, they are too many, it´s a fortress. How should we get there?” the elf crossed his arms in front of his chest.
“We don´t need to attack! We can try to get the keys and sneak in. At least give Hamfast a chance to speak. Take him to Sigi and the others. He worked in the catacombs underneath Novigrad for years, and before him
:iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 4 4
Nightly Visit
It was after midnight when she heard a knock at the door. Torn by the events of the previous days, she could not sleep anyway. For hours she had been awake and stared at the ceiling. She did not need to ask who that was, this gentle but demanding knock. But still…
“Who´s there?” she asked and propped herself up.
“It´s me” replied a familiar voice, “Can I come in?”
She sighed. Of course it was him, and she was not sure if she could stand him being in the same room.
“Sure, come in.” The decision was made quickly, because after all she cared about him.
While he opened the door and snuck into her room, she sat up in her bed, cross-legged, watching him curiously. He placed the lantern he carried on her bedside table and turned around to meet her gaze.
“What can I do for you?” she asked inquiring, “What do you want?”
“I think we are at a point where you have done more than enough for me” he re
:iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 4 14
Iorveth and Yrdenne, Chapter 44: In the District
Something in the architecture changed. The surface of the stones was less rough, scrolled arches supported the ceiling and every few metres a mosaic adorned the ground. Wolf sped his pace, so that Yrdenne had no time to have a closer look at the pictures. She wondered how old this tunnel was.
In the flickering light of her torch, she noticed several forks and crossings and she felt like in a labyrinth. Without Wolf, she would not find the way back.  
A spiral stairway led them back to the surface, and Yrdenne was more than glad to escape the chocking darkness of Novigrad’s underworld. At the top of the staircase was another iron barred door, and behind the door was a quite spacy hallway. They were still below the surface, but the rough stones looked familiar, human made even.
Touching a hidden lever, Wolf opened another – secret – door. Cautiously Yrdenne followed him, just to find herself in an ordinary basement, stuffed with provisions and a variety of farming
:iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 4 2

Random Favourites

Ember by anndr Ember :iconanndr:anndr 2,993 94 Bellydancer by anndr Bellydancer :iconanndr:anndr 4,900 313 Old Friend by anndr Old Friend :iconanndr:anndr 3,223 145 Never cry by anndr Never cry :iconanndr:anndr 891 27 Ritual by anndr Ritual :iconanndr:anndr 1,163 38 Draco Malfoy card by Patilda Draco Malfoy card :iconpatilda:Patilda 998 67
The Harvest Ring | Chapter Three
“Artemas!” Skandar called into the corridor. Silence answered him. He hurried upstairs to Artemas’ room, hoping he holed himself up there. Twilight arrived and the small amount of light granted them faded before his eyes, replaced with the gloom of dusk.
No light shone from under Artemas’ door. The blank, dark face of the bedroom shut him off from his brother, manifesting the barrier between them. They had been close once, inseparable even, but that changed when their mother died. He hadn’t done enough to keep their bond strong. Artemas drifted away from him and he had allowed it.
Skandar knocked despite the shadow. No one answered the knock. The darkness of the hall was lonely, exacerbated by the silence from Artemas. He knocked again. Skandar hung his head and touched his toes together, waiting a little longer.
His ancestors stared at him from their picture frames opposite his and Artemas’ rooms. He avoided his grandfather Aias’ reproachful g
:iconsarifael:Sarifael 1 3
The Harvest Ring | Chapter Two
Skandar opened the door of his room to find his father’s three dogs lying at the foot of his bed, moping and pining for their master to return. The powerful hunting dogs wagged their tails at his entrance, but didn’t rise. Skandar scratched behind the wolves’ pointed ears and stroked their thick black fur. He missed his dad too.
Aleksandar crossed the room and leaned against the window, his breath fogging the glass as he watched water cascade down the cliff side, spewed from beneath the foundation of the castle. He had left Artemas to himself, thinking it best not to tag along when he wasn’t wanted.
His brother’s words stuck with him and he found it hard not to think of what he meant. What filled their dad's mind when he looked at Artemas? He didn’t want to dwell on it any longer and decided to take a walk. He liked storms, especially the frantic, kinetic, yet deceptively calm moment before they broke.
“Come, Pilot.” Skandar pushed away f
:iconsarifael:Sarifael 3 8
Draco and Astoria by upthehillart Draco and Astoria :iconupthehillart:upthehillart 401 34 Geralt and Triss by LucioCrescent Geralt and Triss :iconluciocrescent:LucioCrescent 277 35 Geralt Cirilla Triss Yennefer Jaskier Zoltan ivasi by Maxifen Geralt Cirilla Triss Yennefer Jaskier Zoltan ivasi :iconmaxifen:Maxifen 114 8 The Witcher - Good Hunting by J-Veng The Witcher - Good Hunting :iconj-veng:J-Veng 66 3 Iorveth - Witcher 2 by Zv33 Iorveth - Witcher 2 :iconzv33:Zv33 75 9 Iorweth by Vaniri Iorweth :iconvaniri:Vaniri 8 33 Deceiver by Anadwen Deceiver :iconanadwen:Anadwen 5 1 sword's path by Anadwen sword's path :iconanadwen:Anadwen 4 1



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Who should seriously die? Please comment why! 

5 deviants said Radovid
1 deviant said Malik
No deviants said Varnhelm
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No deviants said Iorveth
No deviants said Dalayer
No deviants said Aryell
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No deviants said ...anyone else? it already a month again? Oh wow... time is truly flying... It´s nearly August... Oo

First, some wonderful art of my beloved characters <3

You may have seen the firest drawing ScribbledAway did of my rouge beauty Seregthiel.
After my flash fiction about her (Pleased to meet you), that one got an update and there is a new drawing of Seregthiel's past self, before she turned into the cold-hearted assassin she is now. You can see the despair in her eyes when she saw Dol Blathanna burn...
Please have a look:
Seregthiel by ScribbledAway Seregthiel aep Dol Blathanna by ScribbledAway

You may also remember the amazing drawings of Dalayer and Malik by 42Ly, she made during her March challange (first two thumbs). She gave me long needed love for Dalayer... Since I wanted to comission her anyway for more, I took the chance to support Soukyan and asked 42Ly to draw my two knights again. I am not only amazed by 42Ly´s skills, but also a little proud of my two boys...
Please have a look, they are SO stunning:

Doodlink 019 by 42Ly Doodlink 028 by 42Ly Dalayer and Malik - Yrdenne by 42Ly

Second: Dream big!

Already a while ago I found this freaking awesome drawing of the characters from a book series by Sara J. Maas:
Wings and Ruin by Charlie-Bowater
I want this. I mean, I seriously want a drawing like this of MY characters. Iorveth, Yrdenne and Dalayer in the middle, the non-humans on one side, the humans on the other side, the "minor" characters below... I am working on a sketch, but I doubt I can do this myself.
I want not only a digital file, but I want to PRINT it, poster-size! I want my beloved characters with me, on my wall.
I want to look at them everyday and fall in love again and again...
Yet I have not decided what art-style nor which artist.. for sure it´ll be expensive to comission something... But I am sure it´ll be worth it! If you have any suggestions, or ideas (also if you might want to work on this yourself!), please leave a comment or note me!

Third: Meet the wolf pack!

Most of you should be aware, that Soukyan's family is in trouble. I know that some of you already joined our fight for him or supported him in any way, but I´ll not get tired of reminding you. If you need an update how are things for his family, please read this journal. And please share.

Update: We can't make it without youI'm a little overworked right now, so the morals are on the edge of tumbling down, but you know how it is with edges - if the wind blows right, you'll land on your ass, but on solid ground, rather than fall down. 
With some encouragement from friends, we're taking surgery date that is not too far, and hope we can raise the amount of money by then. The surgery will be approximately 700 euros, but it'd relief her from pain, and give her a break from painkillers.
We'll make it through this month thanks to all the kind people, and their commissions! We're starting the next month with a huge minus on us, so expect me to break down again. I'm terrified of losing losing home...
I'm still taking commissions, I can easily do one every two days, so please, do consider getting your favorite character or person painted! :heart: Best of all, there's other people you can commission too, and have whole damn character sheets made, with backstories, portraits, designs. They're amazing people :hear

But our little wolf pack of supporters is growing constantly!
Right now, MaitsoKane, Togaochi, 42Ly and CyanilurusJubatus offer comissions to those of you who want to support Soukyan and his family. To get an overview of the art-styles, here are the journals of us. Please have a look. The drawing of Dalayer and Malik is an example for the art you can get ;) I offer poems and short stories.

Special Feature.These wonderful colourful arts are also available as a print ( please inquire by :iconsoukyan: if they are still available.
And even better the artist is currently taking COMMISSIONS! :w00t: 

 Oengus // Child of Light by Soukyan Sparrows See It First! by Soukyan

These wonderful colourful arts are also available as a print ( please inquire by :iconsoukyan: if they are still available.
And even better the artist is currently taking COMMISSIONS! :w00t: 

Amazing, isn't it?
But bitter truth is that this wonderful artist and their family is struggling. And perhaps soon these wonderful works might belong to the past. Overtaken by real-life and larger-as-life problems.
  Comissions!!Dear friends and lovely people of the internet!
I am opening comissions for the first time ever!!
My drawing abilities range from realistic to manga-style, from pencil-sketching over watercolor paintings to digital paintings.
My offers:
digital (A4 300dpi)  -  30,00 Euro
 Bullet; Blue  Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue  Bullet; Blue 
pencil (A5)  - 10,00 Euro
 Bullet; Blue  Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue  Bullet; Blue 
of yourself, your loved ones or any face you like. Whatever the subject, I would need you
  CHEAP ASS DRAWINGS!!!I’m offering cheap ass drawings (starting from 20points)! want some? READ THIS JOURNAL, okay? 
I offer:
(a) A not cleaned b/w drawing to anyone who donates points (at least 20 points) to Soukyan; OR donates points (at least 20 points) to the group Witcher-DamNation (is it possible? guys please confirm that I'm not saying stupid things :P, please ;-;).
  *Show me proof
  *Give my reference(s) (only images, no text) 
  *If you donate at least 400 points you can choose the pose or the style for the drawing. The more you donate the more complex the drawing.
(b) A cleaned b/w drawing to anyone
  Helping out a fellow deviantThe journal is mostly copied from :icon42Ly:.
I offer a cleaned b/w drawing to anyone who helps, donates or commissions Soukyan. His situation is described here: Please Read
Here's where you can help him:
Fundraiser Page
Ko-fi Page 
Patreon, Commissions 
Etsy, Jewelry 
  *Show me proof
  *Give me reference(s)
  *If you buy him a coffee or donate at least €5 you can have a simple pencil drawing (first and second example)
  Stand together and help a friend! (Comissions!)So, this idea is completely stolen from MaitsoKane :)
If you want to comission a beautiful portrait for few monay AND help a dear friend, please check out her Journal here:

I will jump on this train and offer Comissions to anyone who donates! :D
You know that I can´t draw, but you can comission poems, short stories, background stories for your OCs etc.
* Donate either on gogetfunding: [Donate]
* Or get Soukyan a coffee: [Ko-Fi tip]
* show me proof
* send me a note and tell me what I shall write for you!

(please understand that there might be things I just can´t or don´t want to write, feel free to ask in advance!)
* please check out my short stories and poems:

* For every

  Yeah, I think that´s it for now.
I am currently working on Chapter 45, and some desicions I had to make broke my heart... It seems like everyone is broken, but I doubt I can fix everything to a point where they are happy again.
Well, we will see...


Yrdenne has started a donation pool!
223 / 500
I want to collect points to spread some love :)
There are amazing artits I would love to give more than a llama, and maybe you find me amazing enough to give me points :D

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Yrdenne's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Welcome to the world of Iorveth and Yrdenne.

You might know Iorveth, the proud Aen Seidhe and the ruthless leader of the Scoia´tael, the bloodthirsty monster, the regular son of a whore.
Maybe you followed his path in Witcher2: Assassines of Kings, or maybe you fought him.
But what if there is more than his war against dh'oine?

This is my personal counteractoin against his exclusion from Witcher3: The Wild Hunt.
(Shame on you, CD Project Red, shame on you!!!)
In Witcher3 many of us missed Iorveth, deeply. Even more, when we heard about the cut content...

This profile is dedicated to my personal headcanon, my extention to the Witcher Universe. Dive into the story of Iorveth and his little sister Yrdenne.

Find short stories and poems here:…

Find chrochet-iorveth´s tumbler here:…

Several of the characters in my story, the setting as well as the locations are from The Witcher game series by CD Project Red and The Witcher book series by Andrzej Sapkowski!

What is beauty compared to grief?
What is joy in league with sorrow?
A dead rushes' fleet drifting on a quiet tide


He is stunning, right? Please give Dalayer some love!
One more, for now the last character from Yrdenne Witcher fan-fic!
Dalayer, the misguided mister from the Order of the Flaming Rose

Bullet; White Patreon
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Bullet; White SAVING HOME
The closing credits of "The Raven" look like a James Bond Intro...
Sweet jesus... Chapter 49 is done. I thought the story might be finished with Chaper 40, but now I am not sure if 60 will be enough Oo I mean, there are only few things to be told... but damn, that takes so long! :D
Not that I don´t enjoy writing... but hope you aren´t bored yet?
Want to catch a glimpse at some DtF characters while waiting for the next chapter?…
Try this one! ;)



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